In 30 Minutes I Will Audit Your Brand & Show You How You Enhance Your Online Beauty Business To Create Time Freedom By Creating A Powerful Online Presence/ Service or New Product That Pays You A Guaranteed EXTRA 5-6-Figures Online.

In 30 Minutes I Will Audit Your Brand & Show You How You Enhance Your Online Beauty Business To Create Time Freedom By Creating A Powerful Online Presence/ Service or New Product That Pays You A Guaranteed EXTRA 5-6-Figures Online.

This strategy session is for you if:

You are a salon/spa owner, beauty professional, hairdresser, makeup artist, brow artist, or skincare professional looking to expand your business beyond local boundaries.

You want to achieve financial freedom by leveraging the power of the online space.

You are motivated to learn and implement proven strategies for scaling your beauty business online.

You are open to embracing technology and digital marketing to enhance your online presence.

You desire time freedom and the ability to reach customers worldwide.

A Summary of our meeting:

This is a 1:1 call and lasts approximately 30 minutes, but it could possibly take a while longer.
In general terms, our conversation will follow this sequence:

STRATEGIC LEVEL: I will understand more about you to help you create a successful online business.

TACTICAL LEVEL: I will help you to get more clarity around your niche, avatar and offer.

OPERATIONAL LEVEL: I will create a personalized action plan to transition online/scale your current online business and start making 5k-15k per month in 30 days or less.

Choose Your Package:

Brand Auditing Personalized Session 


1:1 Brand Auditing Session With Nathalie Nicole 

✅ Exclusive Bonuses

✅ How to create a PR Plan 

✅ How to do an IG Live 

✅ How to create a professional media kit  

Build Your Brand Bundle 


1:1 Brand Auditing Session With Nathalie Nicole 

✅Everything from the Brand Auditing Session

✅4 Exclusive Bonuses 

✅Becoming a brand Masterclass 

✅ABC’s to build yoru social media that pays 6-7 figures 

✅How to be a paid influencer 

✅Million Dollar Brand Ebook  

Build Your Business Bundle


1:1 Brand Auditing Session With Nathalie Nicole 

✅Everything from the Build Your Brand Bundle

✅7 Exclusive Bonuses

✅ Business 1 0 1 Masterclass

✅ Business basics 101 

✅ How to be a paid public speaker 

✅ Becoming a brand  

✅ Hiring Package  

✅ Master your sales calls   

✅ How to close sales in your DM on social media    

About Your Host

I was trained for greatness right out of the womb. My father refused to baby me or let me believe I was weak just because I was a female.

I soon learned to strive for greatness on my own. As I went through grade school and moved on to college, I began to foster my own ambitions and dreams.

A native of Silver Spring, Maryland, I decided to stay close and attend the prestigious Howard University in nearby Washington, DC.

Communications and Business and 2010, I successfully graduated with my Bachelor’s.

Entrepreneurship has always been my core desire. Of course, I did a few other jobs to make ends meet but I was never satisfied with working for someone else.

I am now a driving force in the beauty and wellness industry. In 2011, I founded Plush Beauty, an online eco-beauty company. As the founder of Plush, I have weathered the ups and downs of being a business owner.

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